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2023/2024 24C Chanel Fashion Runway Highlight

Unlock Chanel's Latest Trends! 2023/2024 Cruise 24C New Collection Preview!!

Chanel official website has published that 2023/2024 Cruise fashion will be dropped in November 2023! You can now access the photo of 24C runway and seasonal fashion items on Chanel official website. But, you can also stay here to have a round-up review and highlight of this colourful season 24C that interpreted by Coco Approved.   2023/2024 24C Chanel Fashion Runway Highlight This season 24C fashion show is held in Los Angeles at Paramount Pictures Studios. The theme of the runway is also based on the location with California style, Hollywood essentials such as movie theatre. Even some of the fashion outfit is inspired by...

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Chanel 23K 2023-2024 Fall-winter fashion show runway

Camellia is taking over Chanel 2023-2024 Fall/Winter fashion!

According to Chanel official website, Fall/Winter 2023-2024 (23K) is going to be available in boutique stores from September 2023. And the Cruise 2023/2024 (24C) will be released in November 2023. We have gone through both fashion shows and selected some iconic items and predicted trends of Chanel. In this blog, I will first show you some highlight of Chanel 23K Fall/Winter 2023-2024. Let's have a look below in case you want a trending piece of Chanel this autumn/winter!   23K Fall/Winter 2023-2024 For fall/winter fashion, we usually expect to see mainly wool/tweed material on handbags. But we can see there is a main...

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Barbie in Chanel outfit and Chanel fashion items

Is Barbie obsessed with Chanel or Ken?

Have you watched the Barbie Movie? We all know Margot Robbie is one of the Chanel ambassadors. But who knows most of the fashion items in the Barbie Movie are also from Chanel?!!! I have captured some 'important scenes' from the below two video clips. Let's have a look! @@       Every Girl's Dream Closet Wall       We can see that there are classic iconic handbag, seasonal items and some super hit I-have-never-seen-it-in-person items. But, I can see some of the items that we had in-stock before!    How to copy Barbie's look in Barbie Movie  ...

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Chanel 23A Métiers d’Art season collection

What should you be looking at on the Chanel 23A season collection

Here is my most excited Chanel season collection! Why? Because there must be some special elements and unique grand designs that no where else can see! Chanel Métiers d’Art is French for ‘Master of Art’. It is a celebration of the brand's heritage and craftsmanship. This collection is mainly featuring intricate and handcrafted pieces that are inspired by the work of the House skilled artisans.  If you'd like to know more about other Chanel season collection, please go the the link below: How many seasons did Chanel launch each year? For other Chanel season collections, please go to our blog page for more!  ...

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How many seasons did Chanel launch each year? Chanel Season code Guide

How many seasons did Chanel launch each year?

We always hear Chanel new season items/ new handbag elements, or even price increase each year. Or when we purchase a pair of shoes, a handbag or earrings, there are stickers on packing box or tag hanged on the handbag, or there are tiny metal piece engraved some numbers & letters at the back of Chanel earrings, which representing the season of the item. I have also often shared on this platform about the highlights/ hit items on Chanel new season. If you haven't read about them, you can refer to the below links:   2023 Chanel Spring/Summer Pre-collection 23P Highlight  ...

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Chanel new hologram sticker on small leather goods (SLG)

No more card to Chanel - SLG New Hologram Sticker

With the new era of microchip on Chanel handbags, later it also abandoned using the tradition of serial number on small leather goods (SLG). Small leather goods refers to a range of accessories made of leather, such as wallets, card holders, coin purses and key holders. These SLGs also contain serial number like the handbags.   After 2021, the microchip started replacing the serial number hologram sticker. The serial number 31xxxxxx is the last serial code used on handbags, while SLGs still continued with 32xxxxxx hologram stickers in 2021 and 2022.   If you haven't read the blog about Chanel microchip and...

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